Club Manual

Table Of Contents


  1. About The Shihan
  2. "The Martial Arts And The Law" (OHARA 1983)
  4. Glossary of Judo Terms
  5. Judo Techniques
  6. First Five Judo Throws
  7. Minimum Promotional Requirements
  8. Go Kyo No Waza
  9. Nage No Kata
  10. Katame No Kata
  11. Kata Evaluation Form
  12. International Judo Federation Contest Rules
  13. Self-Defense For Women
  14. USJA MEMBERSHIP FORM (please join as soon as possible)
  15. Koshi Harai Makikomi
  16. A Martial Artists' Hands And Feet: Deadly Weapons?
  17. Training In The Five Elements
  18. Guadalcanal Diary
  19. The Banning Of Martial Arts Weaponry
  20. State Weapons Laws
  21. The Law Of The Land
  22. Assuming The Risk
  23. Belt Buckles: Airport Security
  24. State By State Weapons' Law
  25. Dynamic Conditioning For Martial Arts' Throws
  26. Law And Self Defense
  27. Nunchucks and Throwing Stars
  28. Aikido And Hikuta
  29. Aikido Rules
  30. Aikido Promotional Test
  31. Aikido Techniques
  32. Sport Sword
  33. Explanation of Bushido Judo And Its Representative Emblem
  34. Differences Between Judo And Aikido
  35. Dedications