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Hojo Cord

Hojo Cord

Hojo is the art of tying a person. Ethics is a fundamental part of Aikido. Nage is to do no more damage that is absolutely necessary. This is also law. I once taught students to pin an attacker and then when they showed compliance release them. I had a student get hurt when the attacker resumed the attack. I realized that this was not good advice. I then learned Hojo Jitsu and now carry a Hojo cord which is about 25 or 30 feet of one-eighth inch cord stored in a special way. It is easy to keep in the pocket and is a peculiar weapon designed to prevent harm. If you take Aikido ethics seriously this is an important consideration. Our typical Aikido pin is a natural for tying Uke. Some teachers say that Aikido was designed for harmony and taking prisoners so knowing tying certainly fits and is fun. Hojo Jitsu is taught by Don Angier who also teaches Aiki Jitsu.

I also think that good technique must be capable of totally neutralizing an attacker in situations where there are multiple attackers with deadly intent. Protecting self and associates is the highest ethical principle and it would be terrible for people trying to kill us to jump up and come again. For that reason we have three levels of force:

  1. In a low threat situation where it can be done tie the attacker without harm.

  2. In a medium threat where the attacker can not be neutralized to be tied use the submission to damage bones and joints.

  3. In a high threat situation where your life is in serious danger throw hard with appropriate throws to kill or seriously injure the attacker. If necessary when the attacker is down and you have one of the attackers arms finish with Jacks Front Kick or a Side Kick.

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