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Jo Pull Parry

Reference: Jo

Example 1, Jo Pull Parry Exercise.

The Pull Parry is a very important Jo fighting technique that is used to parry circular and straight strikes from the back side. It is not an Aikido or a Kuta technique.

Movie of Jo Pull Parry Exercise.

Fig. 1 Start Fig. 2 Pull Back Fig. 3 Circle Fig. 4 Parry

  1. Fig. 1 shows a Jo Tsuki that is extended. This exercise has already been through several cycles.
  2. Fig. 2 shows the Jo pulled back much further than normal. If Nage's hand is threatened it might be pulled back further than shown here.
  3. In Fig. 3 the butt of the Jo is being circled from the outside to strike down parrying the incoming Jo. This strike could also be a low strike to Uke's knee or other target.
  4. Fig. 4 shows the end of the parry and Nage's right hand is throwing the tip of the Jo which is now to the rear forward to smash Uke's hand or wrist. It is important to notice that during these moves Nage has stepped back away from Uke's attack.

    Fig. 5 Flip Fig. 6 Smash Hand Fig. 7 Tsuki Fig. 8 Pull Back

  5. Fig. 5 shows the middle of this flipping movement. This looks like Nage's left hand is just twisting the Jo but there is much more speed and power if Nage's right hand also throws the Jo into the flip.
  6. Fig. 6 shows the end of the hand smash.
  7. In Fig. 7 the movement is complete with a Tsuki to Uke's throat. It is important that Nage is now stepping towards Uke with the attack.
  8. In Fig. 8 the Jo is pulled back to start the cycle again on the other side.

    Fig. 9 Parry Fig. 10 Smash Fig. 11 Tsuki

  9. Fig. 9 shows the parry with the butt of the Jo. It is important that Nage has stepped back away from Uke to parry.
  10. In Fig. 10 the Jo has been flipped over to smash Uke's hand.
  11. Fig. 11 shows the end of the Tsuki that ends the cycle. Nage has stepped froward to attack with the Tsuki. Nage is now ready to start a new cycle.

Example 2, Jo Pull Parry Tsuki.

Movie of Jo Pull Parry Tsuki.

Fig. 12 Start Fig. 13 Tsuki Fig. 14 Pull Back

  1. Fig. 12 shows the start position where the extended Jos do not quite touch. Here the partners are a little too close in order to frame the picture.
  2. In Fig. 13, Nage on the right, thrusts at Uke and Uke starts to parry.
  3. Fig. 14 shows Nage's Jo pulled back and Nage's weight shifting back to keep from getting Nage's left hand smashed.

    Fig. 15 Circle Fig. 16 Smash Hand Fig. 17 Tsuki

  4. Fig. 15 shows Nage's Jo circling around to Parry Uke's Jo and smash Uke's hand with the butt of Nage's Jo. Nage is moving vigorously forward.
  5. Fig. 16 shows Nage's Jo smashing Uke's hand.
  6. Fig. 17 shows a Jo Tsuki to Uke's neck with the butt of Nage's Jo. At this point Nage could move in for a choke or Kokyu Nage as in Jo Vertical Parry.

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