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Jo Vertical Parry

Reference: Jo

Example 1, Jo Vertical Parry.

The Vertical Parry as shown is a basic Jo fighting technique. It is not part of Aikido or Kuta.

Movie of Jo Vertical Parry.

Fig. 1 Start Fig. 2 Parry Fig. 3 Circle

  1. Fig. 1 shows Jo Tsuki at the end of the thrust. This is shown in a cycle that is being repeated.
  2. Fig. 2 shows Nage doing an almost vertical parry in response to Uke striking at Nage's left hand. Nage quickly pulls the left hand back and raises the right hand to evade and parry the blow. Nage's left foot is also being drawn back to move away from Uke. The end of the Jo is just behind Nage at waist level.
  3. Fig. 3 shows the Jo circling up from Nage's waist on Nage's left side to deliver a counter strike to Uke's lead hand.

    Fig. 4 Strike Hand Fig. 5 Tsuki

  4. Fig. 4 shows the end of the circular counter strike with the Jo striking Uke's hand and then in a continuous motion thrusts at Uke.
  5. Fig. 5 shows the end of the cycle with Nage's extended Jo in Uke's throat. As an exercise Nage would continue repeating the cycle.

The attack retreat pattern is important here.

  1. Nage steps in and attacks.
  2. Uke parries and counters.
  3. Nage steps back and parries.
  4. Nage attacks again.
  5. Uke moves back and parries.

Example 2, Jo Tsuki Vertical Parry.

Movie of Jo Tsuki Vertical Parry.

Fig. 6 Start Fig. 7 Uke Parries Fig. 8 Nage Parries

  1. Fig. 6 shows Uke and Nage in the starting position spaced so that their extended Jos will not quite touch. The partners are a little too close here to facilitate framing the photo.
  2. In Fig. 7 Nage attacks Uke and Uke Parries.
  3. Fig. 8 shows Nage responding to Uke's parry by pulling back and dropping Nage's left hand to avoid Uke's counter strike.

    Fig. 9 Circle Over Fig. 10 Strike Hand Fig. 11 Tsuki

  4. In Fig. 9 Nage's Jo continues to circle past the end of Uke's Jo to come back and strike Uke's hand.
  5. Fig. 10 shows the Jo striking Uke's hand. Even if Nage's Jo strikes Uke's Jo in front of Uke's hand Nage's Jo will slide down Uke's Jo and strike Uke's hand.
  6. Fig. 11 shows Nage's final Tsuki into Uke's throat.

CHOKES ARE DANGEROUS. SEE THE CHOKE WARNING. It is not shown here but when Uke attempts to choke, Nage's chin pulls down to Nage's chest tightening the neck muscles and Nage's shoulders shrug up to Nage's ears. Do not allow Uke to get a good choke as shown here except for training.

Example 3, Jo Tsuki Vertical Parry Choke.

Example 3 is a more Aiki type move but not quite. It still has the hand smash. Nage comes in and runs over Uke rather than staying at fighting distance. This is the Jo equivalent of Ushiro Kubi Shime.

Movie of Jo Tsuki Vertical Parry Choke.

Fig. 12 Start Fig. 13 Uke Parries Fig. 14 Nage Parries

  1. Fig. 12 shows the starting position. The 1st part of this move is just like Example 2 above.
  2. In Fig. 13 Uke parries Nage's strike by striking at Nage's hand.
  3. Fig. 14 shows Nage responding to Uke's parry by Nage's hips rotating back pulling Nage's hand back as Nage does a Vertical Parry.

    Fig. 15 Circle Over Fig. 16 Strike Hand Fig. 17 Butt Strike Face

  4. Fig. 15 shows Nage's Jo circling over to strike Uke's hand.
  5. Fig. 16 shows the strike on Uke's hand. At this point Nage is vigorously charging towards Uke.
  6. In Fig. 17 Nage takes a large step in and reverses the Jo striking Uke in the face with the butt of the Jo. At this point Nage could take an Irimi step in for a Kokyu Nage.

    Fig. 18 Catch Throat Fig. 19 Choke

  7. In Fig. 18 Nage's right hand slides back towards Nage's left hand and Nage extends the butt of the Jo past Uke's throat. During this move Nage's feet have gathered forward and Nage is still moving past Uke.
  8. In Fig. 19 Nage's left hand has released the Jo and reached behind Uke's head to grab the butt of the Jo. Nage now has a triangle formation with Nage's forearms and the Jo. Nage can now choke Uke out or step back as in a Back Off Balance with devastating consequences for Uke. Actually police using this type choke with a night stick have found that it frequently breaks Uke's neck killing Uke. This is very dangerous!

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