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Jo Tsuki

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Example 1, Jo Tsuki Kuta.

Movie of Jo Tsuki Kuta.

This is the basic Jo attack. It is part of Jo fighting.

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  1. Fig. 1 shows the start position. The stance is the basic Aiki Hammi. The hands can be spaced by letting the arms hang straight down at the sides. The rear hand is at the end of the Jo. The lead hand is near the center of the Jo but not past the center. The Jo is not pulled back in preparation for the strike.
  2. Fig. 2 shows the position at the point of contact. This strike is very similar to the Kuta Punch.
    1. Lunge forward using the Knee Pop Stomp.
    2. As in the Kuta Punch the hands start moving at the beginning of the lunge.
    3. The back hand moves forward as with the Kuta strike. The rear hand is the power hand. The Jo is frequently used like a pool cue in that the Jo slides through the forward hand. This means that the strike comes from the rear hand.
    4. The rear hand stops at the leading edge of the rib cage. This is similar to the rear hand in the Kuta Punch stopping at the sternum. Do not over extend!
    5. Do not have the palm of the rear hand up. If your partner strikes the lead end of you Jo down the back end can come up and strike you in the face.
    6. The right arm and the Jo are such that a line from the elbow to the front end of the Jo goes through the right hand.
    7. It is important to not have the back end of the Jo pointed at your chest. If your partner crashes into the Jo it could be driven back into your chest.

  3. Fig. 3 shows the end position. Do not stop with the Jo extended. Like the Kuta Punch the Jo is drawn back as soon as the target is adequately penetrated. If the strike is not effective your partner will be launching a counter attack which must be avoided. In fighting this is done by moving back. In Aikikuta one moves forward.

Example 2, Jo Tsuki Twist.

Movie of Jo Tsuki Twist.

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