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Jo Yokomen

Reference: Jo

The following is an exercise to practice switching hands when going from left Yokomen Uchi to right Yokomen Uchi and then back to left Yokomen Uchi. This is an exercise in Jo fighting, not Aikido. For this reason Nage steps back away from Uke to defend and towards Uke to attack.

Movie of Jo Yokomen. The movie is done slowly to show detail.

Fig. 1 Start Fig. 2 Right to Left Fig. 3 Left to End Fig. 4 End of Right

  1. Fig. 1 shows the beginning of this sequence. A left Yokomen Uchi. The back end of the Jo has been brought back to the hip in preparation for the next move. The left foot is forward in left Hammi.
  2. Fig. 2 shows the Jo being brought up for a left parry. The right hand has moved from the end of the Jo to the left hand as the Jo starts to circle around the head. This is a defensive move so the left foot is moving back beside the right foot.
  3. Fig. 3 shows the position as the left hand reaches the end of the Jo. As the hips rotate in the Tornado Twist the left hand pulls and the right hand pushes to deliver a powerful blow from the hips. The left foot is back beside the right foot. This has caused Nage to move back away from Uke while defending.
  4. Fig. 4 shows the end of the right Yokomen strike. Nage has stepped forward with the right foot to attack Uke.

    Fig. 5 Right To Left Fig. 6 Above Head Fig. 7 End Of Left

  5. Fig. 5 is the same as Fig. 2 except on the right side. The left hand has come up from the end of the Jo to the right hand. This is a defensive move so Nage's right foot is moving back away from Uke as Nage defends.
  6. Fig. 6 shows the Jo going over the head. The right hand is moving down to the end of the Jo. Nage's right foot is all the way back beside Nage's left foot.
  7. Fig. 7 is the same as Fig. 1. The Jo is back at the end of a Left Yokomen Uchi and ready for the next strike. Nage is now attacking and Nage's left foot has stepped forward with the strike.

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