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Hojo Cord

Neck Loop

Tying people can cause damage. Only practice on a Manikin.

The Stack Tie is the foundation but it is rarely used by itself. Some people have long enough arms to put their arms under their legs when tied and get their hands in front of them. Then they can untie the knot with their teeth. They also might be able to work their arms loose. A very simple addition to the Stack Tie is a loop around Uke's neck.

Movie of tying a loop around the neck.

Fig. 1 Completed Stack Tie Fig. 2 Neck Looped

  1. Fig. 1 shows the completed Stack Tie. This is the starting point for a loop around the neck. The picture on the right shows the loop that was formed from the square knot. That loop is what we will be working with.
  2. In Fig. 2 Nage has run the cord coming out of the Hojo around Uke's neck. This makes it impossible for Uke's hands to drop down and it also can cause discomfort for Uke, including a tendency to be choked. The knot to be tied is a simple overhand knot. Nage makes a loop in the cord coming out of the Hojo and runs it through the loop from the square knot. The loop from the Hojo then goes over both the cord from the neck and the cord from the Hojo that form the loop. It is important to use both cords.

    Fig. 3 Overhand Knot Fig. 4 Completed Neck Loop

  3. Fig. 3 shows the structure of the overhand knot.
  4. Fig. 4 shows the completed neck loop

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