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50 inch Staff

Jo Tsuki Aiki Tenshim

Example 1, Jo Tsuki Aiki Tenshim Omote.

Movie of Jo Tsuki Aiki Tenshim Omote.

Fig. 1 Start Fig. 2 Thrust Fig. 3 Catch Arms Fig. 4 Strike Neck

  1. Fig. 1 shows the start with Uke and Nage separated so that the Jos do not quite touch.
  2. In Fig. 2 Uke has thrust at Nage with Jo Tsuki and Nage has executed a Jo Entry Arm thrust into Uke's face while Nage's right foot steps forward.
  3. Fig. 3 shows the butt of Nage's Jo pushed down between Uke's arms to trap Uke's arms.
  4. In Fig. 4 Nage strikes Uke's neck with the Jo to take the Tenshim position.

5. In Fig. 5 Nage's right foot has stepped back and to the front executing the Tenshim throw Omote. Nage's back foot could have stepped back and to the rear doing the throw Ura.

Fig. 5 Throw

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