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50 inch Staff

Jo Tsuki Aiki Corner Drop

Reference: Jo

This topic covers Jo defenses done Aikikuta style.

Example 1, Jo Tsuki Aiki Corner Drop Ai-hammi.

Movie of Jo Tsuki Aiki Corner Drop Ai-hammi.

Fig. 1 Start Fig. 2 Parry Fig. 3 Thrust

  1. Fig. 1 shows the start in Ai-Hammi with enough space between Uke and Nage that their weapons do not quite touch.
  2. In Fig. 2 Uke thrust with Jo Tsuki. Nage steps forward and parries.
  3. Fig. 3 shows Nage taking the 1st Irimi Step forward and Thrusting into Uke's face using a contained Entry Arm strike with the butt of the Jo.

    Fig. 4 Catch Arm Fig. 5 2nd Irimi Step Fig. 6 End of Throw

  4. Fig. 4 shows Nage catching Uke's arm with the butt of the Jo and bringing the body of the Jo across Uke's face.
  5. In Fig. 5 Nage takes the 2nd Irimi Step forward while executing the Tornado Twist and cutting Uke down. This could be considered a Corner Drop or a Tenchi Nage.
  6. Fig. 6 shows the end of the throw with Uke on the ground. From here Nage can follow up as needed.

Example 2, Jo Tsuki Aiki Corner Drop Gyaku Gamae.

Movie of Jo Tsuki Aiki Corner Drop Gyaku Gamae.

Fig. 7 Start Fig. 8 Parry Fig. 9 Thrust

  1. Fig. 7 shows the start position with Uke and Nage spaced so that their Jos do not quite touch.
  2. Fig. 8 shows Nage parrying Uke's Jo Tsuki as in Entry Arm.
  3. In Fig. 9 Nage's lead hand has reversed on the Jo so that Nage's thumb points back towards Nage and Nage is thrusting into Uke's face.

    Fig. 10 Catch Arm Fig. 11 Cut Down Fig. 12 Finish

  4. Fig. 10 shows the tip of Nage's Jo dropping down and catching Uke's arm.
  5. Fig. 11 shows Nage's Tornado Twist as the body of Nage's Jo cuts across Uke's face taking Uke down.
  6. Fig. 12 shows the finish with Uke on the Ground.

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