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Kuta Techniques

Swinging Gate

Swinging Gate Protecting the Baby

Reference: Swinging Gate

Protecting The Baby is a form of swinging gate where Nage is carrying something. The name implies that they are carrying a small child but the baby was probably explosives.

Movie of Protecting The Baby.

Fig. 1 Start Fig. 2 Hit Fig. 3 Finish

The implication is that Nage can deliver a more powerful strike carrying a weight than empty handed. This is not intuitively obvious so a little experiment was conducted to test this idea.

First Nage stood in a right sword stance. This means that Nage's right foot was forward and both feet were on a line towards the target. There was not really a target, just two yard sticks laid end to end with one end at the toe of Nage's foot and on the line connecting Nage's feet. There was a slight up hill incline.

Then Nage stepped forward and delivered a left hand punch. Nage did not explicitly remember to do the knee pop stomp under any of the following conditions. There were three conditions. The weight in the above pictures is 4 Kilos.

Condition Distance Percent Change
No weight 47 inches 0%
4 Kilos (8.8 lbs.) 51 inches 8.5%
8 Kilos (17.6 lbs.) 54 inches 13%

Later when processing the pictures it was realized that Nage's stance was different in the above experiment than in the pictures. When doing a Kuta demonstration one's feet should be side by side because that is the normal Kuta practice stance. Protecting The Baby was done in sword stance because that is what seemed to have the best chance of working. The above experiment was redone with Nage's feet side by side as in the pictures. The results are as follows.

Condition Distance Percent Change
No weight 48 inches 0%
4 Kilos (8.8 lbs.) 52 inches 12.5%
8 Kilos (17.6 lbs.) 48 inches 0%

The assumption is being made that the distance covered is proportional to momentum and hence striking power. The author does not have an equation but the assumption is that greater distance is greater power.

The conclusion is that Protecting The Baby does increase striking power about 10% within certain limits. About the same amount of ground was covered starting with one foot back as with feet side by side. With the feet side by side the hindrance of the heavier weight off set the gain from the inertia of the heavier weight.

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