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Kuta Techniques

Swinging Gate

Swinging Gate Pole

Reference: Swinging Gate

This topic is using the Pole version of Swinging Gate to increase striking power and range. This is more of a fixed gate than a swinging gate but the principle is the same.

Control Condition

This is a control condition where Nage does not use the pole to facilitate the strike. Uke is placed far enough away that Nage cannot reach Uke with the strike.

Movie of Pole Control.

Fig. 1 Start Control Fig. 2 End Control

  1. Fig. 1 shows Nage on the left in the shadows behind the pole. Nage starts from this position and strikes at Uke.
  2. Fig. 2 shows the finish. This is not Nage pulling short to not harm Uke. This is Nage at the full extent of Nage's range. Uke is safe.

Pole Swinging Gate

This is a demonstration of the strike using the pole. Nage inadvertently cheated on this because looking at Fig. 1 and Fig. 3 Nage is closer in the control giving a bias against the Swinging Gate.

Movie of Pole Swinging Gate.

Fig. 3 Start Fig. 4 Strike Fig. 5 Follow Through

  1. Fig. 3 shows the start of the demonstration. Nage's right hand can be shown holding the pole.
  2. Fig. 4 shows the strike. Nage is coming in with considerable momentum for a powerful strike. Uke is in the same place as in the control condition and Nage actually started further back.
  3. Fig. 5 shows the situation near the end of Nage's move. Nage's right arm can be seen across Uke's chest where Nage caught Uke to stop rather than striking twice as the momentum would have allowed.

The Pole Swinging Gate was also tried on a pole in front of the dojo and the distances measured. Without using the pole Nage was able to step 59 inches. This is much better than Nage did Protecting the Baby. The difference may be that the ground was more level, Nage had been practicing or Nage just felt better. At any rate using the pole Nage was able to step 65 inches. That is about a 10% improvement, the same as Swinging Gate Protecting the Baby. This really surprising. One would have thought that the pole would work much better than the weight. When Nage did the demonstration for the pictures above Nage felt that the difference with the pole was quite dramatic. Maybe a 10% difference makes a very practical difference. Maybe Nage had an unconscious bias towards the expected result and faked it some way.

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