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Kuta Techniques

Swinging Gate

Swinging Gate Off Wall

Reference: Swinging Gate

This is Swinging Gate using a wall to provide extra momentum. The control condition is first.

Control Off Wall Swinging Gate.

In the conclusion of the Off Wall control Uke was far enough that the strike would not reach. This is not a situation where Nage is holding back to protect Uke.

Movie of Off Wall Swinging Gate Control.

Fig. 1 Start Control Fig. 2 End Control

Off Wall Swinging Gate

Movie of Off Wall Swinging Gate.

Fig. 1 Start Fig. 2 Push Off Wall Fig. 3 End With Ample Reach

Measurements were made of how far Nage could step in the control and in the Off Wall Swinging Gate. In the control Nage stepped 57 inches. In the Off Wall Swinging Gate Nage stepped 61 inches. That is a 7% increase for the swinging gate. Nage tried pushing off with his derriere rather than his opposite shoulder in the swinging gate. Nage's derriere got 64 inches for a percentage gain of 12%. That was 5% better that the basic swinging gate. All of these figures are in line with the other swinging gate results.

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