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Mat Techniques

Side Control Cradle Inside

Reference: Side Control

Movie of Side Control Cradle Inside.
Fig. 1 Start Fig. 2 Hook Leg

  1. Fig. 1 shows a Cradle with the inside leg held. This is a side control with Uke's hands locked together holding Nage's leg to Nage's head.
  2. In Fig. 2 Nage's free leg locks over Nage's held leg so that Nage can use both legs against Uke's arms.

    Fig. 3 Kick Out Fig. 4 Hook Head

  3. In Fig. 3 Nage kicks out breaking Uke's hand grip. It is important not to over do this. Uke's left arm must stay around Nage's neck. Nage's hand can push Uke's head towards Nage's legs to make it easier for Nage's leg to hook Uke's head. Again, do not over do this. Uke's head needs to be over Nage's chest.
  4. In Fig. 4 Nage's inside leg hooks Uke's head. The tendons on the back of Nage's right leg need to cross Uke's carotid artery to get a good choke so it is important to keep Uke's head over Nage's chest to get the proper leg angle.

    Fig. 5 Triangle

  5. Fig. 5 shows Nage applying a triangle choke to Uke's head and right arm. It is necessary to control both arms so that Uke cannot attack Nage's face or groin.

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