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Mat Techniques

Side Control Dirty Tricks

When practicing the main practice is learning balance and control but we also want to train expedient measures. For this reason one should go through the dirty tricks before moving on to other lessons.

Fig. 1 Knee Ribs Fig. 2 Knee Head

  1. Fig. 1 shows a knee to the ribs. Even when playing this is exciting.
  2. Fig. 2 show a knee to the head. Simco said that his wife nearly knocked him out with this when they were playing.

    Fig. 3 Tear Ear Fig. 4 Gouge Eye

  3. Fig. 3 shows a tear ear. In many situations Nage will not want this level of violence but it is important to have it when it is needed.
  4. Fig. 4 shows a gouge eye.

    Fig. 5 Elbow Ribs Fig. 6 Forearm Neck

  5. Fig. 5 shows an elbow to the ribs. Even light blows get Uke's attention.
  6. Fig. 6 shows a forearm to the neck. Nage's right hand is in the way. It is probably there because Nage could push on Uke getting better leverage for the strike.

    Fig. 7 Upper Arm Neck

  7. Fig. 7 shows an upper arm blow to Uke's neck. Things like this can loosen Uke up even if they are not devastating.

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