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Mat Techniques

Top Mount Arms Down Arm Down

Reference: Top Mount

Movie of Top Mount arms down Arm Down.

Fig. 1 Start Fig. 2 Bridge Fig. 3 Roll Over

  1. Fig. 1 shows the start in Top Mount with Nage's arms held down.
  2. Fig. 2 shows Nage starting the Bridge as in Top Mount Arms Down Bridge. Nage's right arm extends above Nage's head so that Uke can easily roll to Nage's right. In this case rather than Nage's left hand striking, Nage's elbow comes over the top of Uke's right elbow much like Arm Down. This helps keep Uke pulled in close and gives better control than the Bridge by itself.
  3. Fig. 3 shows Uke rolling onto the mat.

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