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Mat Techniques

Top Mount Ikkyo

Movie of Top Mount Ikkyo

Fig. 1 Start Fig. 2 Ikkyo Redirect Fig. 3 Bridge

  1. Fig. 1 shows the start with the Top Mount.
  2. In Fig. 2 Uke's right hand strikes at Nage's head. Nage's head moves toward the strike, in this case to the left and Nage takes a basic Ikkyo grip to redirect Uke's strike.
  3. In Fig. 3 Nage Bridges and projects Uke over Nage's right shoulder. Nage must keep Uke as close to Nage as possible. If Nage throws Uke away Uke's left arm can support Uke and the technique will not work.

    Fig. 4 Finish Bridge Fig. 5 Arm Bar

  4. In Fig. 4 Nage has brought Uke to a submission position on the floor.
  5. Fig. 5 shows Nage with a completed arm bar.

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