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Mat Techniques

Guard Omaplata

Example 1, Omaplata Escape Movement.

The Omaplata escape movement is simple but possibly confusing so just the movement is demonstrated first.

Movie of the Guard Omaplata escape movement.

Fig. 1 Hand On Leg Fig. 2 Roll Over

  1. In Fig. 1 Nage's right hand grabs the inside of Nage's right leg and Nage's left leg extends back and to Nage's right behind Uke.
  2. Fig. 2 shows Nage rolling towards Nage's left to throw Uke.

Example 2. Omaplata Escape.

Movie of escape from Omaplata.

Fig. 3 Start Fig. 4 Grab Leg

  1. Fig. 3 shows Uke getting the Omaplata. This escape must be done as Uke moves into the Omaplata.
  2. In Fig. 4 Nage's right hand has grabbed Nage's right leg as in Fig. 1.

    Fig. 5 Extend Leg Fig. 6 Roll Over

  3. Fig. 5 shows Nage's left leg extended behind Uke to the right.
  4. In Fig. 6 Nage is rolling Uke over Nage. Nage's left hand can guide Uke's right leg to be sure it goes over Nage's head if needed.

    Fig. 7 Rabbit Punch

  5. Fig. 7 shows Uke in the turtle position where Uke ends up. Nage delivers a strike to the rear base of Uke's skull to stun Uke. Nage then rolls Uke onto Uke's side to finish Uke if needed.

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