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Mat Techniques

Kesa Gatame Roll Over

Roll Back and Over Head compliment the Roll Over. If Uke moves away from Nage the Roll Back and Over Head tend to be easier, if Uke moves toward Nage the Roll Over tends to be easier.

These are practiced without using pressure points. Uke should move because of Nage's technique and not because of pain. If Nage can get to Uke's face Nage has many options to cause pain or serious injury.

Example 1, Kesa Gatame Shoulder Pull Over.

Movie of Kesa Gatame Shoulder Pull Over.

Fig. 1 Start Fig. 2 Bridge

  1. Fig. 1 shows the start in Kesa Gatame.
  2. Fig. 2 shows Nage bridging to push Uke off balance towards his far side. Nage's left hand is pushing Uke's back to facilitate this effort.

    Fig. 3 Shift Center Fig. 4 Roll Over

  3. In Fig. 3 Nage has shifted under Uke's center of mass so that Uke can fall over Nage to Nage's left side. Nage's left hand has shifted to Uke's left shoulder to get leverage to roll Uke over Nage.
  4. Fig. 4 shows Uke after Uke has rolled over Nage. If Nage feels the balance correctly and attains the proper position the move requires almost no effort. That is the goal of training.

Example 2, Kesa Gatame Face Push Over.

Movie of Kesa Gatame Face Push Over.

Fig. 5 Start Fig. 6 Bridge

  1. Fig. 5 shows the start position in Kesa Gatame.
  2. Fig. 6 shows Nage bridged up to unbalance Uke and move under Uke's center of mass. Nage's right hand is on Uke's face to push Uke over.

    Fig. 7 Roll Over Fig. 8 Finish

  3. Fig. 7 shows Uke rolling over Nage.
  4. Fig. 8 shows Nage in the dominant position attacking Uke.

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