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Mat Techniques

Kesa Gatame Dirty Tricks

When practicing it is good to see what dirty tricks are available and try to get them. Most situations might not call for these but when you need them you want to be in the habit of thinking of them.

Fig. 1 Gouge Eye Fig. 2 Rip Lip Fig. 3 Tear Ear

  1. Fig. 1 shows an eye gouge. This is a serious technique that one would not want to use unless the situation was desperate. If you are escalating a wrestling match into eye gouging that not only is illegal, but you might get the same treatment.
  2. Fig. 2 shows a lip rip. The same logic applies here as to the eye gouge.
  3. Figures 3 and 4 show ear tears to either ear. Again these would be for extreme situations but you need to practice getting them because you may end up in an extreme situation.

    Fig. 4 Tear Ear Fig. 5 Knee Back

  4. Fig. 5 shows a knee kick to the spine or the kidneys. This is not as severe as the previous dirty tricks and is equivalent to normal striking. These can be very unpleasant for Uke causing Uke's grip to loosen.

    Fig. 6 Heel Kick

  5. Fig. 6 shows a heel kick where the back of the heel is the striking surface. This might be delivered to the groin. An easier target is the large muscles in the thigh. These kicks will not cause serious damage but they are very painful. A few of these should loosen Uke's grip and also make it very difficult for Uke to stand when Nage gets free.

It is important to always test these dirty tricks in practice but not actually use them. One needs to know how to do these and practice getting them. If we use pain to control our partners in practice we are not learning the basic balance and control that makes a good fighter. Some good wrestlers teach to practice using pressure points and other painful tricks for sport but it is not what we do.

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