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Mat Techniques

Back Attack

This is a basic back attack. We are not trying to be grapplers but we need to at least know the basics of how common grappling attacks work and how to defend from them.

Fig. 1 Grab Collars Fig. 2 Insert Hooks Fig. 3 Naked Choke Fig. 4 Collar Choke

  1. Fig. 1 shows Nage's hands getting the basic control grip on Uke's collars. In randori this will be done many different ways.
  2. Fig. 2 shows Nage's hooks in place. This means that Nage's heels are on the inside of Uke's thighs so that Uke's legs are controlled and Uke cannot turn around to face Nage. Nage's ankles must not be crossed. Crossing the ankles will make Nage lose control of Uke's legs and make Nage more vulnerable to ankle locks.

    This is not an attack position. It does not hurt Uke. It is just a control position from which Nage can attack.

  3. Fig. 3 shows a Naked Choke from back control.
  4. Fig. 4 shows a collar choke with Uke's right arm in a chicken wing. Notice that Nage's left arm is under Uke's chin and Nage's left hand has Uke's right collar. Nage's right arm is under Uke's right arm pit and Nage's right hand is behind Uke's head pushing it forward as the choking arm pulls back.

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