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Mat Basics

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Example 1, Walk Move.

Movie of Walk Move.

Sometimes it is necessary to Bridge and Walk around to change position with respect to Uke. This exercise is for that movement.

Fig. 1 Start Fig. 2 Bridge

  1. Fig. 1 shows the start position on Nage's back as in the Bridge.
  2. Fig. 2 shows the bridge to break Uke's balance and create space.

    Fig. 3 1st Step Fig. 4 2nd Step

  3. Figures 3 and 4 show Nage walking to the side rotating around Nage's shoulders. The number of steps is not fixed.

    Fig. 5 Roll Under Fig. 6 Finish Walk

  4. Fig. 5 shows Nage's right leg turning under Nage's left leg as Nage turns to face down.
  5. Fig. 6 shows Nage's knees on the ground as Nage finishes the Walk.

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