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Mat Techniques

Guard Superman Knee Drop Pop

This is our basic way of dealing with the guard and most ground situations. The Knee Drop Pop is our basic attack for someone on the ground. We go to it from most situations.

  1. It is fairly safe.
  2. It is very powerful.
  3. It gets one off of the ground quickly.
  4. It is not particularly sport oriented.
  5. It incorporates elements of Kuta and Aiki.

Movie of Superman.

Fig. 1 Start at Post Fig. 2 Superman Fig. 3 Hop Up

  1. Fig. 1 shows the start in the post position. A strike to the groin could precede this.
  2. In the post position it is best for both hands to grab the pants palms down with the thumbs locked in so that Uke cannot pull Nage's hands up. The elbows should be kept in because Uke can attack between Nage's arms and body. Nage's palms should be toward Uke's head to make Uke's hands stronger. Nage must have a straight posture to keep Nage's face out of Uke's reach.
  3. Fig. 2 shows the superman movement. It is called superman because Nage ends up with the arms in superman's flying position. Keeping arms straight, Nage pushes back with arms and body against Uke's legs to break the ankle lock. If does not matter if the ankles do not unlock. The main function of the superman is to create distance so that when Nage hops up, Nage's feet are too far away from Uke for Uke to grab Nage's ankles.
  4. Fig. 3 shows Nage after Nage has hopped up with both legs at once. If Nage brings up one foot at a time Uke can bend to that side, grab the foot and sweep Nage. Nage's feet must not be too close to Uke's derriere. If Uke's legs are still locked it is easy for Uke to shake them down and push them off. Uke's groin is still unprotected.

    Fig. 4 Strike Groin Fig. 5 Pass Legs Fig. 6 Knee Drop

  5. In Fig. 4 Nage either stomps Uke's groin with Nage's foot or strikes Uke's groin with Nage's leg. If this is too aggressive for the situation Nage can strike or push the inside of Uke's left leg. Hip control is necessary here!
  6. In Fig. 5 Nage has pushed Uke's right leg over to pass the legs. It is important that Nage's right leg push against Uke's leg to maintain control. Uke will try to prevent Nage from passing by rehooking Nage.
  7. Fig. 6 shows the knee drop onto Uke's belly or ribs. The more vertical Uke's posture the more power in the knee drop. Nage's right hand is controlling the legs and Nage's left hand is coming in for the strike to the face. This should be a straight punch in. This is the Pop in the Knee Drop Pop.

    Fig. 7 Pop Face Fig. 8 Start Arm Lock Fig. 9 Rolling Uke Over

  8. Fig. 7 shows the strike (Pop) to the face. Nage's left foot has stepped forwards into the standard knee on belly position and Nage's right hand has grasped Uke's right wrist to protect Nage's groin and to set up the arm lock.
  9. Fig. 8 shows the start of a standard Aiki arm lock. This is recommended by Simco because it keeps Nage off of the ground.
  10. Fig. 9 shows Nage rolling Uke over. This is more Simco's style than Aiki.

    Fig. 10 Pin Arm

  11. Fig. 10 shows the arm pin.

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