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Mat Techniques

Guard Smash Head

This is a second defense from the closed guard that is very simple and requires little training. It can also be used do defend against triangles, arm bars and other attacks from the guard where Uke locks onto Nage from the guard. One problem with this is that it is difficult to do if Uke is much larger than Nage. I weigh about 130 and Greg, my partner in most of these weighs about 220 and he is 8 inches taller than me which also makes some of these fairly difficult. That is why I did this demonstration with Joe who only weighs 170 and is only one inch taller than me. A second problem is that a Gi is very helpful.

Movie of Head Smash.

Fig. 1 Start Fig. 2 Lean Forward Fig. 3 Stand Up

  1. Fig. 1 is the start position. Uke has a closed guard. Nage has grabbed above Uke's rib cage for leverage to lift so Nage's elbows must be turned out to make an armbar more difficult.
  2. In Fig. 2 Nage leans forward so that Nage's weight is on Uke's chest. Nage's arms must be kept straight at this point so Uke cannot get to Nage's face.
  3. In Fig.3 Nage's feet hop forward and in one movement Nage is standing and lifting Uke. It is important to do this in one motion so that Uke cannot grab Nage's ankles and sweep Nage.

    Fig. 4 Lift Uke Fig. 5 Smash Uke

  4. Fig. 4 shows Nage with Uke lifted off the floor.
  5. Fig. 5 shows Uke smashing into the floor. In this video Nage is falling forward because Nage is trying to protect Uke. The video shows Nage's arm on the floor supporting Uke. Obviously one would not do that for real.

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