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Kuta is the original name of Hikuta. There are two theories of where the name Hikuta came from. One theory is that the Soldiers of Fortune who used Kuta combined Jujitsu with Kuta and called it Hikuta in much the same way that I am combining Aiki with Kuta. Kuta is supposed to have been the original Egyptian name. The second theory is that the publisher of DOC Lee's book, Hikuta The Art of Controlled Violence, thought the name Hikuta would sell better than Kuta.

Kuta adds powerful strikes, kicks and escapes to the Aiki arsenal. Kuta teaches an alternative method of dealing with multiple attackers. Aikido is a traditional art that does not overtly deal with practical survival. Kuta is an art that has been kept alive by Soldiers of Fortune who use it in mortal combat. It is very practical. DOC Lee who brought Kuta to the US and Jack Savage who is my direct teacher are both Soldiers of Fortune.

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