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Kuta Techniques


Side Kick

Example 1, Side Kick

Movie of Side Kick

Fig. 1 Start of Kick Fig. 2 Both Feet in Air Fig. 3 Back Foot On Ground

  1. In Fig. 1 Nage is sideways to the target in preparation for a kick to the side.
  2. From this position Nage is going to do a pendulum step. For this step Nage brings the back foot forward and the front foot leaves the ground before the back foot lands. The back foot lands either where the front foot was or forward of where the front foot was. Fig. 2 shows both feet in the air.
  3. In Fig. 3 the rear foot has landed on the original position of the kicking foot. Distance to the target determines the exact landing.

    Fig. 4 Foot in Target Fig. 5 Foot Pulled Back

  4. Fig. 4 shows the foot in the target. This kick is not straight to the side. Nage's hip is turned slightly to the front so that the kick is a little to the rear. The forward arm has swung back and the back arm has swung forward.
  5. Fig. 5 Shows Nage continuing the attack rather than returning to Nage's original position. For the picture Nage has posed but this would normally be strikes or other actions.

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