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Kuta Techniques


Front Kick, Jack

This is a basic front kick. This is Jack Savage's version of the kick. In this kick the foot just goes straight to the target. It is not like a Karate kick where the knee is lifted first and then the foot kicks. This kick is usually to the knee or shin. Jack has a pad on the base of the bag that he kicks to get the correct height.

Movie of Jack's Front Kick

Fig. 1 Start of Kick Fig. 2 Step with Non-kicking Foot Fig. 3 Foot in Target

  1. Fig. 2 shows the first step of the kick where the kicker steps forward with the non-kicking foot. This needs to be a Knee Pop to give speed and power to the kick.
  2. In Fig. 3 the foot has just been brought straight up into the target. It is important to bring the toes back so that the ball of the foot strikes. For me to do that with these low kicks I have to try to kick with my heel.
  3. Notice in Fig. 3 that the hand on the same side as the kicking leg is moving down towards the kicking leg. The other hand is coming up protecting the upper body. This is an advanced form. The hand toward the kicking leg strengthens higher kicks and protects the lower body. In the basic form if the hands are by the sides they come up. If they are up they come down.

    Fig. 4 Continue Attack

  4. In Fig. 4 Nage is continuing the attack. This would normally be a punch. Nage does not go back to the original position.

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