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Tachi Tsuki

This is a Tsuki exercise where Nage alternates back and forth between Tsuki from right hammi and Tsuki from left Tsuki. It starts in the sequence.

Fig. 1 Back Fig. 2 Right Fig. 3 Back

  1. Fig. 1 shows Nage in the back position in an on going sequence.
  2. In Fig. 2 Nage steps forward into right hammi and thrust the sword. Notice that the hands turn to Nage's left causing the edge of the blade to point towards the left and the handle of the sword to be slightly to Nage's left. This gives a thrust and parry in one motion.
  3. In Fig. 3 Nage steps back to the back position.

    Fig. 4 Left Fig. 5 Back

  4. In Fig. 4 Nage steps forward into left hammi. Notice that Nage's hands rotate so that the edge of the blade is to Nage's right. The handle is now slightly to Nage's right. The blade can now parry to the right as well as thrust.
  5. Fig. 5 shows Nage again in the back position in preparation for another thrust from right hammi.

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