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Many martial arts give a collection of techniques that are powerful but not integrated. Aiki Jitsu, sword and spear should follow the same principles and movements. In spite of this in a practical way it seems that most of the things we do in Aikido are unrelated. It is essential to know the principles and how every aspect of every technique fulfills the principles to really know and teach martial art. Teaching and learning go much easier if we understand what we are doing and every move is related to every other move.

This section lists concepts that are important in Aikido. The endeavor of this book is to find a set of rules that will apply to every technique so that Nage always does essentially the same thing. This makes Aikido easy and quick to learn. These rules give the magic of Uke flying out of control with almost no effort on Nage's part. They allow looking at any technique and quickly figuring out an effective way of executing the technique. They make it easy for the body to remember what to do for any technique.

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